Welcome to Recycling Diamante

We are building a recycling center for our village, our goal is to create a system that allows us transform our waste locally and help people recycle.

We are developing a model to start a recycling center from scratch.

If we can do it, the village next door can do it too !

Would you like to bring something to our Recycling Center ?

We are open every Friday from 7 am to 12 am.

Please take the time to read our guidelines before coming. It will help you understand what items we receive and what not and how best to prepare your recycling.

Find more information about us, our contact and the location of the Recycling center on this page:

How you can support this project?

We recently finished to fundraise USD $2,000 to build the first Precious Plastic Shredder for the community !

We had previousely ordered and received the knife box part of the shredder (USD $700).
We work with a local workshop that will assemble it to an electric motor to a metal frame.

The Precious Plastic Knife Box for the Shredder

Last year we built an Extruder Machine to be able to turn non-recyclable materials into Wood Plastic, which is a great building material.

Our Extruder Machine

Having a shredder in our village will be a game changer because most of the hard plastic is non-recyclable, it takes so much space and usually people don’t know what to do with them !

With the shredder we will see our “waste” reduced into small pieces to be transformed locally into building material !

We have more things to build and purchase to be able to transform our plastics. We need to set up a cooling tank, make metal molds, and create a proper filtration system.

You want to support this project ?

We receive donations through Venmo and Paypal :

Please title your transfer like this :
“Recycling Center – Your name”

The bank account we use belongs to Forrest Will Tower, the legal owner of the land where the recycling center is located. (La Luz del Bosque.)

Any donation is greatly appreciated and will be recorded in our list of donnors.

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Recycling is an act of Love for the Earth

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